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HAL: Ekonomi AS Disusul Cina, Komunis Sekarang Super Mewah
Tidak Lagi Sederhana Kerakyatan


Ulysses S. Grant, original name Hiram Ulysses Grant (born April 27, 1822, Point Pleasant, Ohio, U.S.—died July 23, 1885, Mount McGregor, New York), U.S. general, commander of the Union armies during the late years (1864–65) of the American Civil War, and 18th president of the United States (1869–77).    britannica.com

National debt exceeds

$18T, sparking renewed

criticism of spending

under Obama

December 03, 2014
The national debt has passed the $18 trillion mark, sparking renewed criticism Tuesday from Republicans and other fiscal conservatives over the soaring trajectory of government spending under President Obama. The debt was at $10.6 trillion when Obama took office in 2009 but has increased by 70 percent during his roughly six years in office. The federal debt, which topped $18 trillion last week, is the sum of two numbers. The first is $12.92 trillion in public debt, which consists of all the outstanding Treasury bills, notes and bonds held by individuals, corporations, foreign governments and others. The second is the $5.08 trillion in so-called “intra-governmental” holdings, special securities held by U.S. government trust funds and special funds – or basically IOUs from the federal government for money that it “borrowed” from Social Security and Medicare. The new figure, reached late Friday, likely drew little attention because the federal deficit — how much the U.S. government spends annually in excess of revenue — has dropped under Obama, from roughly $1.4 trillion to $483 billion. 
“China has nearly $4 trillion in foreign currency reserves, the largest reserve account in the world” .….. from Forbes.com article “China Cuts U.S. Debt Holdings Again” by Kenneth Rapoza on 8/18/2014 @ 12:08PM
Data-data ini sekedar untuk memperlihatkan betapa perekonomian Cina telah menjadi raksasa dunia. Hutang terbesar AS sekarang adalah kepada Cina, dalam bentuk surat berharga, obligasi, dan lain-lain berjumlah per Juni 2014 adalah 1,268 (satu koma dua enam delapan) triliun US dollar. Dan cadangan devisa Cina saat ini 4 triliun US dollar, yang merupakan cadangan devisa terbesar di dunia. Bandingkan dengan anggaran belanja AS pada tahun 2014 yang sekitar 3,8 triliun US dollar.
A Bank of China branch under construction early this year in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.  MarketWatch.com / Reuters

It’s official:

America is now No. 2

This is a geopolitical earthquake with a high reading on the Richter scale
Brett Arends – MarketWatch.com
Published: Dec 4, 2014 11:18 a.m. ET
There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it: We’re no longer No. 1. Today, we’re No. 2. Yes, it’s official. The Chinese economy just overtook the United States economy to become the largest in the world. For the first time since Ulysses S. Grant was president, America is not the leading economic power on the planet. It just happened — and almost nobody noticed. The International Monetary Fund recently released the latest numbers for the world economy. And when you measure national economic output in “real” terms of goods and services, China will this year produce $17.6 trillion — compared with $17.4 trillion for the U.S.A. As recently as 2000, we produced nearly three times as much as the Chinese. To put the numbers slightly differently, China now accounts for 16.5% of the global economy when measured in real purchasing-power terms, compared with 16.3% for the U.S.  This will not change anything tomorrow or next week, but it will change almost everything in the longer term.
Foto diatas adalah kawasan keuangan Pudong di Shanghai Tiongkok pada tahun 1987, dan foto bawah pada tahun 2013. Dapat dilihat bagaimana kawasan yang seperti pulau itu pada tahun 1987 masih kosong, dan sekarang sudah dipenuhi oleh gedung-gedung pencakar langit.    huffingtonpost.com
Beijing National Stadium – Olympics 2012.    skyscrapercity.com
Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Construction Is Underway.  Adventure will meet luxury at the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, a five-star hotel currently being built into the side of an abandoned quarry in the Songjiang District of Shanghai. The hotel, designed by the British firm Atkins, is set to have 19 stories and 380 rooms. Its facade will line one portion of a 100-meter-deep cave-like quarry at the base of the Tianmenshan Mountain. The quarry that will soon house the Shimao is partly flooded, meaning the lowest levels are set to be submerged under water, a rising trend in futuristic hotel design. The two underwater levels will feature an aquarium, an underwater restaurant and guest rooms. Adrenaline junkies will be in close proximity to activities such as rock climbing, bungee jumping and watersports, while those looking for a more relaxing retreat can admire eco-friendly roof gardens, a swimming pool, a sports center and unparalleled scenery — including a waterfall.
Ice World and Five Star Hotel, Dawang Mountain Resort Changsha, China, 2013.  Located at the Dawang Mountain Resort outside the city, the Deep Pit Ice and Snow World will be constructed from cliff to cliff across the old quarry, which itself will be transformed into an artificial landscape of islands, pools and pathways. A 100-metre-high hotel will accompany the resort, on the opposite side of a large public plaza. It will offer over 300 rooms, boasting views towards Tongxi Lake and Dawang Mountain.    dezeen.com
Top Marques Shanghai   tramontanacorp.com
  Being the first and most exclusive luxury show in China, Top Marques has been organizing 12 exhibitions since 2005! The show offers an exclusive opportunity for the world’s most luxury brands to showcase their latest art of emotion, to meet high net worth individuals and to develop business relationship with distributors and partners in China. It also creates a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance, providing China’s collectors and connoisseurs a direct platform for a close discovery and appreciation of the most exotic luxury lifestyle.  
Chinese girls look at a tower of gold bars worth 260 million yuan (or $38 million) displayed at a shopping mall in Beijing on July 30, 2010. China’s gross domestic product in the first half stood at 17.284 trillion yuan ($2.5324 trillion) as China has moved ahead of Japan to become the world’s second-largest economy, according to a senior central bank official. ABC News  –  Dec. 22, 2013  
A shopkeeper shows golden iPhones and accessories at a shopping mall on March 25, 2011 in Qingdao, China.   ABC News  –  Dec. 22, 2013
This photo from Sept. 7, 2011 shows the luxury interior decoration of the office building, containing three floors of offices and three more floors of a print museum belonging to the state-owned Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Sixth factory in Harbin, in northeast China’s Heilongjiang province. The state-owned drug firm in China has caused online outrage for allegedly building offices that appear to mimic France’s Versailles palace, complete with gold-tinted walls and chandeliers.    ABC News  –  Dec. 22, 2013
A crowd gathers to admire a gold-plated Infiniti luxury sports car on display outside a jewelry store in Nanjing, east China’s Jiangsu province on March 31, 2011. China is predicted to become the world’s largest luxury goods market by 2020, accounting for 44 percent of worldwide sales and bigger than the entire global market is now.    ABC News  –  Dec. 22, 2013

China sees hot sales

of luxury cars

Shanghai Daily, July 9, 2011
Luxury car makers reported strong sales growth on China’s mainland for the first half of this year despite the government’s phasing out of incentives.
Luxury cars are displayed at the 2012 Wujiaba International Automobile Carnival in Kunming City, capital of southwest China’s Yunnan Province, Nov. 30, 2012. The five-day carnival opened here on Friday, displaying more than 600 cars of 50 brands. (Xinhua/Lin Yiguang) 2012-11-30   16:33:24
But did you know that a disproportionate number of exotic car purchases China are made by women?  Yes, it seems Chinese women are swiping up some of the best supercars and exotic cars on the market faster than they swipe their credit cards!    imaginelifestyles.com
At the Beijing Sports Car Club, the US$220,000 Porsche SE 911 is considered an entry-level model as it is not uncommon that members are driving Tramontanas worth US$3.9 million or Bugatti Veyron 16.4s priced at US$4.3 million. Following the booming economy in China, the number of millionaires in the country increased by 31 % last year to more than 1.1 million with an average age of 39, even 15 years younger than their US and European peers. Car clubs were nonexistent in the country two years ago but now there are more than 250 members from age 18 to 60, 10% of who are women. Car fan culture is fast developing in China where the new generation thinks about spending instead of following tradition older generation’s thought about saving, said Jose Cremades, the local distributor for Spanish brand Tramontana.     WantChinaTimes.com / 2011-06-08   13:01 (GMT+8)  
  Tramontana   netcarshow.com  
  Bugatti Veyron    
Up and rising: China’s young are just like their aspiring Western counter-parts.  dailymail.co.uk / 19 February 2008   23:02
A SLS AMG Coupe Black Series car of Mercedes-Benz is displayed during the Auto China 2014 in Beijing, capital of China, April 20, 2014.   [Photo: China.com / Shen Siling]

Maserati Quattroporte

sales boosted

by young female

executives in China

Maserati‘s hottest model this year is the new Quattroporte flagship, for which the automaker has almost 10,000 orders. The Quattroporte’s top market is China, where the brand already has 4,000 contracts for its most expensive vehicle. A fully equipped, V-8-powered Quattroporte starts at 150,000 euros in Europe but costs the equivalent of 325,000 euros in China because of the country’s import duty and luxury tax. The base variant of the car with a V-6 starts at 111,000 euros in Europe but costs the equivalent of 205,000s in China.
November 18, 2013
06:15 CET
“Forty percent of our clients in China are very successful young businesswoman who love European craftsmanship and want to be chauffeured in their new Quattroportes,” Maserati CEO Harald Wester told Automotive News Europe.
It has become the must-have car for Premier League footballers, but the iconic Bentley is no longer just a Western status symbol – this year, more of the luxury vehicles have been sold to China than anywhere else in the world.
It is the first time China has led the Bentley sales table, a landmark that will be seen as another sign of a new world economic order. The makers of the classic British marque say that in the first three months of the year, 578 of the 1,759 cars it sold were to wealthy buyers in China compared with 468 to North America. While worldwide sales were up 47 per cent on last year, the figures for the Chinese market were up an astounding 85 per cent.
Little more than a decade ago, sales to China did not figure at all in Bentley’s quarterly reports, while only a handful were sold in Hong Kong. But thanks to the country’s astonishing economic success, there are now plenty of Chinese millionaires who can afford a price tag of up to £225,000. Once marketed as ‘the silent sports car’, the brand is owned by German giant VW, but Bentleys are made in Crewe by a workforce of about 4,000. They are still seen as a classic example of quality British craftsmanship. Bentleys were a favourite mode of transport for Ian Fleming’s James Bond.    dailymail.co.uk / 7 April 2012   23:58 GMT

China breaks

world record

for car sales in 2013

Car sales surged in the U.S. last year, as the automotive industry came roaring back from the dark days of the recession. But the 15.6 million vehicles sold in America last year still lags behind China, which in 2013 reportedly became the first country to sell more than 20 million. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers says those 2013 sales figures are a 14 percent increase over 2012’s data. And a new report from IHS Automotive expects passenger vehicle sales in the People’s Republic to rise further in 2014, as global and domestic automakers vie for the lucrative national market.
Bruce Kennedy
Money Watch  /  cbs.com
January 31, 2014,     2:30 PM

China edges out U.S.

as BMW’s biggest

market on 2013 sales

Reuters / Fri Jan 10, 2014
9:09am GMT
(Reuters) – Sales by German luxury carmaker BMW in China rose 20 percent last year to overtake the United States as the group’s biggest market. BMW sold a record 390,713 BMW and Mini cars in China last year, up 19.7 percent from a year earlier, the company said in a statement on Thursday, outpacing the overall market growth of 13.9 percent. Its 2013 U.S. sales were up 8.1 percent to 375,782. More and more Chinese consumers are buying luxury cars from BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz as they get richer and seek more exclusivity, shrugging off the negative impacts from the anti-extravagance campaign initiated by President Xi Jinping last year. China’s premium car market will grow at an annual rate of 12 percent through 2020, and overtake the United States as the world’s biggest market for luxury cars as early as 2016, according to consultancy McKinsey & Co. “We achieved our 2013 targets, but it is even more satisfactory that the volume growth was backed by solid substance in every aspect of our work,” Karsten Engel, CEO of BMW Group Region China said in the statement. BMW brand car sales grew 19 percent to 362,100 units in China last year and Mini cars increased 23 percent to 28,613 vehicles.
Mini Clubman dan BMW M3. Dulu dikenal sebagai Mini Cooper produksi perusahaan Inggris, antara lain seperti yang dipakai oleh Mr. Bean. Sejak tahun 1994 dibeli oleh BMW dan mulai tahun 2001 muncul dengan model baru seperti diatas.

Mercedes Faces

The Audi Challenge

In China’s Compact

Luxury Car Market

Volkswagen’s Audi is the crowned leader in China, despite trailing BMW in terms of global sales. While Audi sold nearly 492,000 vehicles in the country last year, BMW and Mercedes-Benz managed 391,700 and 218,045 unit sales respectively. Audi also outpaced its competitors in terms of year-over-year volume growth. The automaker has gained from its acceptance as the official mode of transport for China’s top politicians. Although the government recently called for the use of home-grown vehicles for official purposes, Audi is already an established brand in the country. Sales might not be significantly hurt by this announcement also as around 90% of Audi’s sales are to private customers. The mid-size model A6L has been the best selling car for Audi in China, but the automaker is also eyeing further expansion into the smaller compact segment in the country’s luxury automotive market.
Forbes 5/20/2014 @ 1:42PM
A model stands beside Audi R8 5.2 quattro car during a special media opening of the Beijing Auto Show on April 23 in Beijing of China. Major global automakers plan to unveil dozens of new models at the Beijing auto show, which has quickly become one of the biggest and most important auto shows in the world and raises its curtains on Friday and will last till May 2, during which 990 models – with 89 making their global debut – will be displayed in a 200,000-sq-m area. (Getty Images) emirates247.com /  Saturday, April 24, 2010
Models pose with luxury sports cars during the Shanghai International Circuit Club Challenge, in Shanghai, China.    Photographer: Qilai Shen / Bloomberg

Luxury Car Prices Fall

in China Amid

Government Frugality Push

Bloomberg News | May 19, 2013
Prices of imported cars in China fell the most in five months, adding to signs that demand for luxury products is slowing because of a government campaign to rein in lavish spending by public servants. Demand for vehicles made outside of China — usually luxury cars because of a 25 percent import tax — has slowed after President Xi Jinping started a campaign to reduce extravagant spending by officials and state-owned companies after becoming Communist Party chief in November. Prices of other luxury items such as Moutai liquor and Longjing tea also declined this year. China’s Central Military Commission, headed by Xi, banned the use of military number plates on luxury cars starting this month as part of efforts to reinforce discipline and protect its image, the PLA Daily, the armed forces’ official newspaper, reported April 28.   
globaltimes.cn Hongqi H7
Maserati celebrated its 10th anniversary in China by starting its centennial rally from the Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing. [Provided to China Daily] 2014-08-18 /  Li Fangfang (China Daily)
Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, and over ten other top-end famous luxury cars drove by one after another in a line. But this isn’t for the “2011 Shanghai Auto Show”, but rather a luxury car wedding motorcade in Wenzhou, China. The luxury cars estimated to be worth over a hundred million RMB ( $15million) …. what the rich!!!    asiantown.net
Grand Raeton, stretched limousine buatan Tiongkok pada Beijing Auto Show 2014.    beijing.china.org.cn
Beijing Auto Show 2014    beijing.china.org.cn
In this Nov. 21, 2013 file photo, models pose beside the Rolls-Royce Canton Glory at the company’s booth during Guangzhou 2013 Auto Show in China’s southern city of Guangzhou. (AP / Kin Cheung) ctvnews.ca – July 8, 2014 9:18AM EDT Rolls-Royce reported a startling rise in demand for their distinctive cars Tuesday. The company said 1,968 cars were sold in the first half of this year compared to 1,475 in the same period last year. The 33 per cent rise in sales for the first six months of 2014 compared to the same period last year is explained not just by the cars’ plush leather seats and gleaming paintwork — those are old standbys for the brand, which used to focus on the British aristocracy — but also by the rising number of billionaires worldwide.  A Forbes survey says there are 1,645 billionaires in the world, 219 more than a year ago. He said the customer base was growing younger, with one Chinese man in his 20s recently ordering his second Rolls in an unusual all-white colour scheme. Another traded in his Lamborghini when he was starting a family because he needed a backseat.
A Rolls-Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom is seen on display during the 13th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, also known as Auto China 2014, in Beijing, China, April 20, 2014. [qq.com] – china.org.cn
Beijing Auto Show 2014    forums.vwvortex.com
Beijing Auto Show 2014    forums.vwvortex.com
Beijing Auto Show 2014    forums.vwvortex.com

China Vehicle Sales

Reach 22 million

Units in 2013

Posted on January 20, 2014 by China Briefing
First nation to report over 20 million units sold
China became the first country to sell in excess of 20 million auto units last year, with nearly 22 million passenger and commercial vehicles being sold in the country over that time. This figure represented a 14 percent increase over 2012, and was double the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers estimate. Of these, 59.7 percent of the market was taken by foreign joint ventures. Volkswagen replaced General Motors as the top China seller for the first time since 2003, while Ford sales grew by 49 percent and Japan’s Toyota enjoyed a record year, despite political problems with China. China’s auto market still has plenty of growth however. Car ownership is still low in the country, with about 120 million vehicles on the roads in a country of 1.4 billion. That compares to less than 100 cars for every 1,000 people, far lower than markets such as Europe and Japan with penetration of 600 vehicles for every 1,000 people.


Tanggal 4 Desember 2014 muncul berita mengenai IMF mengeluarkan data yang menyebutkan bahwa perekonomian AS untuk tahun ini sudah tidak lagi berada di nomer 1 dunia, melainkan pada nomer 2 dibawah Cina. Artikel itu ditulis oleh Brett Arends dengan judul “It’s official: America is now No. 2” yang dimuat pada situs marketwatch.com, situs dari Dow Jones pengelola bursa saham New York. Bahkan menjadi lebih dramatis karena Brett Arends menggunakan kalimat “This is a geopolitical earthquake with a high reading on the Richter scale”.

Namun artikel yang dimuat oleh Brett Arends pada 4 Desember  2014 jam 11:18 a.m. ET itu, langsung mendapat sanggahan dari artikel Jeffrey Frankel yang berjudul “Opinion: Sorry, but America is still No. 1, even if China is bigger” dan dimuat pada 5 Desember 2014 jam 1:01 p.m. ET di situs yang sama. Sebetulnya tulisan oleh Jeffrey Frankel itu sudah pernah dimuat pada 5 Mei 2014 oleh Project Syndicate, saat itu sebagai tanggapan kepada artikel di Financial Times yang menyebut “China poised to pass U.S. as world’s leading economic power this year” berdasarkan data International Comparison Program yang dikeluarkan oleh World Bank pada 29 April 2014. Tulisan oleh Jeffrey Frankel itu dimuat kembali untuk opini sanggahan kepada tulisan Brett Arends itu. Menurut Jeffrey Frankel, data itu menjadi berbeda kalau dihitung dengan metode penghitungan yang berbeda, tapi aku tidak akan membahas secara detil karena terlalu teknis dan aku bukan ahli ekonomi yang mengerti detil teknis soal itu.

Ini untuk pertama kali terjadi dalam sejarah, perekonomian Amerika Serikat tidak lagi menjadi nomer satu di dunia sejak Amerika Serikat mengambil alih kepemimpinan ekonomi dunia dari Inggris pada tahun 1872 saat pemerintahan presiden Ulysses S. Grant. Sekaligus untuk membuka mata sebagian rakyat Indonesia yang mungkin masih mendambakan kesederhanaan dan kerakyatan Partai Komunis Cina seperti jaman tahun 60-an dulu, lalu kalau ada tokoh Indonesia yang tampak dekat dengan Partai Komunis Cina berarti merupakan tokoh yang sederhana kerakyatan. Padahal sekarang Partai Komunis Cina sudah tidak lagi sederhana kerakyatan seperti dulu, mobil-mobil super mewah dunia maupun barang-barang mewah lain sekarang laku keras di negara yang dikuasai Partai Komunis Cina. Baru setelah President Xi Jinping terpilih jadi pimpinan Partai Komunis Cina pada November 2012, kemewahan itu mulai berkurang tapi cuma di kalangan pejabat pemerintah, dengan kampanye untuk mengurangi pengeluaran mewah para pejabat negara, termasuk antara lain berupa larangan penggunaan plat nomer mobil militer pada mobil-mobil mewah mulai Mei 2013.

Info ini penting diungkap karena bukan mustahil masih banyak orang di Indonesia menyangka Partai Komunis Cina itu identik dengan kesederhanaan dan kerakyatan seperti dulu di tahun ’60-an. “Ooooo, tokoh kita ini hebat, beliau tidak suka menjalin hubungan baik dengan orang-orang Barat yang kapitalis borjuis itu, beliau lebih suka menjalin hubungan baik dengan para tokoh Partai Komunis Cina, sebab di negeri Cina itu masyarakat hidup sederhana, tidak ada jurang antara kaya dan miskin, tidak boleh ada orang yang jadi kaya-raya, kekayaan negara dibagi rata kepada semua rakyat, sama rata sama rasa, pakaian cukup yang murah buatan negeri sendiri, kendaraan cukup sepeda saja …..” Lalu sang anak yang mendengar cerita sang ayah seperti itu, jadi rajin menabung untuk pergi ke Cina belajar soal kesederhanaan dan kerakyatan. Ketika tabungan sudah cukup, sang anakpun pergi ke Cina. Namun setelah sampai disana, ternyata yang kelihatan adalah kapitalis-kapitalis baru berwajah Tionghoa, yang berseliweran di jalan-jalan berbagai kota di Tiongkok dengan mobil-mobil mewah, memakai pakaian mahal buatan Itali, Perancis, Inggris, dengan kalung emas, smartphone dan berbagai gadget mutakhir yang serba mahal. Jadi mungkin yang lebih tepat adalah kalau ada tokoh Indonesia yang menjalin hubungan baik dengan Partai Komunis Cina, bukanlah untuk belajar kesederhanaan dan kerakyatan sebab tidak klop dengan keadaan di Tiongkok yang sedang melimpah dengan kemewahan itu, melainkan untuk belajar bagaimana mengelola kekayaan negara agar bermanfaat sebaik mungkin untuk masyarakat luas, seperti Tiongkok yang sekarang menjadi raksasa ekonomi dunia dengan cadangan devisa terbesar di dunia sekitar 4 triliun US dollar. Dan aku juga tidak sedang memberi ide agar Indonesia ikut bermewah-mewahan seperti Tiongkok, lalu pak Jokowi jadi bepergian kemana-mana naik Rolls Royce Phantom, aku cuma ingin memberi info bagi yang mungkin belum tahu keadaan Partai Komunis Cina saat ini.

Mungkin yang menjadi kekhawatiran orang terutama generasi tua adalah, mengingat Partai Komunis Cina adalah yang berkuasa di negara Tiongkok, dan kalau terus menjadi negara nomer satu ekonomi dunia, bukan mustahil mulai sekitar sepuluh tahun yang akan datang akan terjadi “imgrasi” besar-besaran di bidang agama, kaum muda akan banyak yang ramai-ramai menjadi komunis. Sebab komunis sekarang memang beda dengan dulu. Kalau dulu di tahun 60-an, kaum muda cenderung enggan, tidak ingin jadi komunis karena negara-negara komunis cenderung miskin, orang tidak boleh kaya, pakaian cenderung lusuh tidak sesuai perkembangan mode, berbagai budaya dari Barat seperti band, lagu-lagu hits, dan film juga tidak boleh. Tapi sekarang, kita lihat bagaimana di Tiongkok orang-orang sudah banyak yang menjadi kaya-raya meskipun negara dikuasai oleh Partai Komunis Cina, mobil-mobil mewah maupun berbagai barang mewah lain laku keras, pakaian sudah sesuai perkembangan mode dunia, band-band, lagu-lagu hits maupun film-film dari Barat sudah tidak lagi dilarang. Tapi tentu ini bukan urusan yang harus aku tangani, sebab tentu para ahli agama lebih mengetahui bagaimana menangani soal ini, aku paling-paling cuma bantu doa saja.

Penting juga diperhatikan adalah, bagaimana sikap dari kalangan yang beragama kalau betul terjadi imigrasi besar-besaran di kalangan kaum muda untuk menjadi komunis. Sebab bukan mustahil ada para orang tua yang jadi berpikir, lebih baik dunia ini sekalian saja dijerumuskan ke Perang Dunia ke-3 daripada sanak famili, keturunan, dan anak-cucu ikut-ikut terpengaruh menjadi komunis. Dan tentu kekhawatiran utama adalah, apakah Yang Dilangit akan membiarkan saja umat manusia jadi lebih suka tidak beragama, atau justru memang ini menjadi alsan untuk ada tindakan drastis berupa kiamat. Moga-moga ada jalan keluar yang baik bagi persoalan ini.

Latar belakang presiden AS ke 18 Ulysses S. Grant seperti memuat isyarat juga terkait soal kesediaanku ketemu ajal untuk kebaikan umat manusia. Nama asli beliau adalah Hiram Ulysses Grant, dimana nama depan Hiram seperti memuat AM pada namaku AM Firmansyah. Saat menjadi presiden AS, nama beliau sudah berganti menjadi Ulysses S. Grant, dan itu juga tanpa disengaja. Yaitu karena saat mendaftar jadi siswa militer di Akedemi Militer West Point, petugas yang menulis nama beliau keliru menduga bahwa nama tengah ibu beliau Hannah Simpson Grant adalah nama tengah beliau, sehingga nama Hiram Ulysses Grant ditulis menjadi Ulysses S. Grant. Dan karena saking ingin diterima jadi siswa di Akademi Militer West Point itu, Grant membiarkan saja kesalahan penulisan nama itu, namun dengan catatan bahwa di kemudian hari setiap ada yang menanyakan apa singkatan huruf S itu, beliau akan menjawab huruf S itu bukan singkatan apa-apa.  

Presiden AS ke-18 Ulysses S. Grant lahir di Point Pleasant, Ohio, dekat pertemuan sungai kecil Big Indian Creek dengan sungai Ohio, AS, pada 27 April 1822, dan menjadi presiden AS dari tahun 1869 sampai tahun 1877. Tanggal lahir beliau yaitu tanggal 27 seperti terkait yang sering aku ungkapkan soal kakakku Faisal adalah anak kedua di keluargaku yang sekolah di SMA 7, sehingga angka 27 seperti ada kaitan dengan kakakku Faisal. Padahal nama kakakku memuat “sal” seperti pada kata salib, dan kalau orang-orang yang terkait dengan salib diangkat dari dunia ini dapat terjadi perebutan senjata-senjata pemusnah masal yang berujung ke kiamat.

Sedangkan tahun kelahiran beliau 1822, seperti sering aku ungkapkan angka 18 mengingatkan pada plat nomer mobil kedutaan Australia yaitu CD 18, kalau untuk duta besar CD-18-01, kalau untuk staf bisa CD-18-46 atau CD-18-72 dan lain-lain. Dan Australia terkenal pula sebagai negara down-under karena kalau dilihat di peta dunia berada di bawah. Angka tahun 22 kalau dijumlah menjadi 4, seperti terkait namaku Firman yang dalam bahasa Jerman atau Belanda kata “fir” berarti 4. Dan bulan April seperti berarti “up real”. Jadi tanggal kelahiran presiden Ulysses S. Grant yaitu tanggal 27 April 1822 seperti memuat isyarat agar untuk mencegah 27 ditanggalkan dari dunia ini, aku yang masih di bawah, masih di dunia ini, harus “up real”.

Pesan itu semakin kuat karena presiden Ulysses S. Grant merupakan presiden AS ke 18, dan pada akhir November 2014 yang baru lalu hutang negara Amerika Serikat mencapai 18 triliun US dollar.


Jakarta,  9 Desember 2014.


a.m. firmansyah
sms +62812 183 1538



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